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Brent & Angel are the co-founder’s and CEO’s of the Bae to Bride Movement and Marriage of God, LLC. They are Master Relationship Coach who works with high-achieving single Christian women who have created amazing lives for themselves, yet still desire to have a husband and family to share that life with.

It is Brent & Angel’s passion and absolute pleasure to link arms with these single women and teach them how to date with intention and how walk in their feminine grace so that they can FLOW from Bae to Bride. Using biblical principles, they equip their clients with life-changing, actionable strategies that foster mutual love, respect and commitment in their relationships and marriages.
She also enlists the help of her husband, Brent, who provides their clients with added advantages of understanding the mind of a man and learning about navigating dating and relationships from the male perspective. Using their proven 4-Step FLOW Process, Angel and Brent, have helped 34 women to get engaged and over half of them are now married.

Angel is also a 31-year US Army Veteran. They are parents of 4 beautiful children and Grandparents to amazing 3 and 6-year-olds. The Rhodes have endured several periods of separation. Brent and Angel have also faced challenges in parenting, as well as in with health and finances. They have persevered and they look forward to helping you do the same thing. Brent & Angel are committed to helping you get into position so you can be found by your Mr. Right For You.

“Always have great expectations for yourself”
Brent Rhodes

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